About EasyBus

About EasyBus

EasyBus was established in 2008 in response to the increased tendering and compliance requirements placed on school communities by the Ministry of Education. Many schools and bus operators identified the need for independent advice on how to make the most of the government’s school transport programme.

The most distinctive characteristic of EasyBus is what we are not. Unlike other transport administrators we do not hold simultaneous contracts with the Ministry of Education. This means that we focus 100% on working for and advocating on behalf of schools and whilst we follow the Ministry’s rules, we do not answer to the Ministry.

The services we provide to schools include:

  • school bus route design and optimisation
  • tendering and contract management
  • operator performance management
  • electronic mapping of routes and student locations
  • advice on financial management, including reviews of funding decisions

Managing Director, Greig Neilson, worked as a senior official with the Ministry of Education for five years leading the School Transport Work Programme. Greig has a comprehensive ‘inside knowledge’ of how school transport works and knows exactly how to get the best result for your school community. Greig’s networks throughout New Zealand’s education and transport systems provide him with the resources to successfully oversee the range of EasyBus activities.

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