About school transport assistance

About school transport assistance

At EasyBus our job is to free up schools to do what they do best: improve the educational outcomes for our children. By working directly with EasyBus to apply for school transport assistance we can save each school a great deal of valuable time, and make sure that all families are being treated fairly across the district.

We endeavour to provide school transport assistance to all families in our district. Usually this takes the form of a place on a school bus but you are also expected to do your fair share. This may mean you need to transport your children to the bus, and this trip may be relatively long if you are not attending your nearest school. Under no circumstances should you assume that every child automatically receives a door-to-door service.

To view or download a Fact Sheet about how our Network operates please click here.

To view or download a copy of the official Network rules please click here.

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