During 2018 the Dome network will be running a trial to change the way in which school transport is managed. The existing method looks like this:

Parents talk to schools > Schools manage student and caregiver information > EasyBus designs bus routes > Schools communicate to parents.

The downside of this method is that school staff can end up spending considerable amounts of time on school transport, time which would be better spent educating our children.

The trial

The trial changes the flow of information to this:

Parents access this website to get information > Parents apply for school transport assistance using the website > EasyBus designs bus routes > EasyBus communicates directly with parents.

In designing our bus routes EasyBus will apply the Network’s rules in a fair and consistent manner. Parents, schools and bus drivers will all have an opportunity to add their thoughts and ideas to the route design process. In the event that a family believes that the rules have been applied incorrectly, they will be able to have decisions reviewed by the Network Committee

EasyBus welcomes your comments and criticisms as the trial progresses throughout 2018.