Eastern route review – update #1

Welcome to the first update on the progress of review changes in the eastern half of the Dome School Transport Network.

Over the last few weeks, we have received a good deal of feedback from school communities about what is working well and not so well with our new route designs. The majority of this feedback is coming directly to EasyBus which is great – this frees up school staff to focus on educating students.

Additional bus service

EasyBus is working with GoBus to introduce a new bus service into the Longridge area. This will commence in Waikaia and will pick up part of the East 1 service. Once this has occurred we will be able to review start times and directions for both the East 1 and East 2 routes. The confirmed start date for this service is Monday 12 February. Please keep an eye on EasyBus for changes to pickup and dropoff times.

Route times

With the introduction of GPS units to our school buses we are able to see exactly when they are arriving and departing from various points along the route. This allows us to make changes to the route times shown here and provide more accurate information to parents and schools. A number of the PM routes have been updated today with altered drop-off times.

Students travelling from outside of their school zone

Parents will be aware that students living closer to Riversdale than Balfour are required to make their own way to the halfway point before boarding a Dome network bus. For students in Years 1 to 6 this pickup point will be on Crooked Road. This pickup point takes effect from Monday 5 Feb and applies to the East 1 AM service, and the East 3 PM service. Balfour students living east of Crooked Road will now travel on East 3 PM.

All intermediate-level students living east of Balfour need to make their own way to Balfour before boarding a bus.

The first version of the East 3 route was incorrectly pushed into the Riversdale zone and travelled around Dunn and Cody Road. This has now been changed and students will need to board at the old rail station. This change affects Balfour students living on Dunn and Cody Road and Mandeville-Kingston Crossing road east of Crooked Road. This change takes effect on Monday 5 Feb.

Balfour students living around Glenure Road

Both the East 1 and East 3 routes have been amended around the area where Glenure Road is intersected by Cowie Road. Parents living on Glenure Road, Cowie Road and Pahiwi Balfour Road should double-check the revised PM routes that will take effect from Monday 5 Feb.
East 1 PM
East 3 PM

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions or comments about the bus network please don’t hesitate to make contact with EasyBus.