Slight changes to bus routes – term 3 2018

A number of slight changes to bus routes will take effect during the week commencing 3 September 2018.

Mossburn-Five Rivers Hwy

The Mossburn North AM and Mossburn West PM routes have been slightly reduced due to a family moving. We will keep an eye on route times and adjust them if possible.

Riversdale PM

This route will now travel to Terrace Road before Crooked Road, resulting in some timing changes for families in this area. Please check the route on EasyBus for more information. This change will happen from Wednesday 5 September.

End of year approaching

With the end of the year almost in sight, it is time to think about possible route changes for 2019. If you know that you will be changing your address before the start of the new school year, please let your school know as soon as possible.