Upcoming changes to Waimea, Glenure and Riversdale routes

These routes have been slightly reorganised due to families moving within the district. From the first day of school, the following changes will take place .

AM routes

The Waimea AM and Glenure AM buses will now meet at St Patricks. NSC students who have been collecetd by the Glenure bus will transfer to the Waimea bus which will now travel all the way long Josephville-St Patricks Road

The Waimea AM route will no longer travel along Dryridge Road.

PM routes

In the afternoon, the Riversdale PM route will now travel south from Lumsden and then along Josephville-St Patricks Road.

Route times for these buses have not been changed at this stage. After the first week of operation we will review operating times and make adjustments as required.