Updates to bus routes for Term 3

This term we are making a number of slight changes to bus routes, mostly in the Western side of the network.

These changes will take effect from Monday 30 July 2018.

Changes to route names
Following feedback from parents we’ve revised the route names to make them a little more easy to use.

Acton Downs area
This area was previously serviced by the Athol/Garston bus but will now be serviced by the Mossburn North route in the morning. This means a change in route for a couple of NSC families. This route has also been extended slightly to Lowther Road, resulting in an earlier start time.

Five Rivers area
This area will be serviced by a short route branch that travels from SH6 to Diack Road. Lumsden School families living in this area will board at Diack Road. Families living between SH6 and Diack Road will be able to board at their gates.

Changing the above section means a shorter day for students coming from this area. We have pushed the start time forward by ten minutes in the morning and reduced the drop-off times by ten minutes. We will monitor this over the next few weeks to see if these times can be further improved.

Waikaia route
This route has had a slight extension added to it and some students will transfer from the Riversdale route.

NSC and Lumsden students living in Balfour
We have shuffled bus lists around and now all students living in Balfour should be able to fit on Robin’s Riversdale bus. We will keep a close eye on bus loadings to make sure that no students are standing on the way to school.

Josephville-Glenure Road
The Glenure AM route has been extended to #932, which has resulted in an earlier start time for students on Glenure Hill.

For further information about our school bus network please visit dome.easybus.nz